This is information about me.

Past orgs I’ve worked with: Vox Media, UncommonGoods, The National Cancer Institute, The Home Depot

Industry Areas: media, e-commerce, healthcare, enterprise SaaS

Hobbies: reading, crafting and DIY, watching bad disaster movies

I’m a UX & Product Designer, currently working in NY. I focus on designing complex and functional web products for B2C and B2B organizations. I’ve helped teams to better understand their users’ needs, and worked to create experiences that help users and businesses reach their goals. I like working on complex products, and improving workflows. I like to design experiences that users find approachable and easier to understand. I also write and talk about design, with a focus on doing data-informed design, and design ethics.

If you want to know more about me, know more about what I’m working on, or talk about working together, feel free to look at my resume or email me.

But here’s a bit more information about how I work and what I’ve done.

My Design Process

I could talk about the numerous prototyping tools I’ve used, or different workshop exercises I’ve done, but ultimately, the specific steps I take on any project always depend on the project goals, resources, and the team I’m working with. But on a higher level, I approach my work in a pragmatic and straight-forward way, with consideration for the context of how a product is used and made.

I focus on defining the problem being addressed from multiple perspectives, understanding user needs and internal needs through quantitative and qualitative research, and establishing a framework for creating and evaluating solutions in the short and long-term. My process also involves lots of collaboration and synthesizing information, and helping to establish business goals that are in line with user goals.

Things I’ve done in the past

  • Re-designed a new account experience for e-commerce customers
  • Led research efforts and taught a team different quantiative and qualitative ways to get feedback from users
  • Conducted user research and gave design feedback on multiple tools used by cancer researchers
  • Worked on the visual design, UI, and interaction design for a new gift checkout experience
  • Designed a new MVP tool for managing pricing data across nationwide stores
  • Designed new features for a CMS to accomodate print production
  • Gave guidance to my product team on how to use and contribute to our company design system
  • Worked with an analytics team to measure user behavioral patterns for a gift recommendation tool
  • Developed protoypes for testing new functionality for finding order information
  • Created testing plans and evaluation frameworks for the launch of a new re-design
  • Conducted research across the U.S. to guide design and content strategy for a mortgage education site